When writing your assignment, you will to need to cite all the references you use. Fortunately, there are software applications that will help you do this and the School's librarian provides training each year on the recommended software, Mendeley.


You will need to create an account at Mendeley (click on the link above) and download the software. Mendeley is free to use and provides 2GB of storage online. It is available for Apple, Windows, Linux and iPad. An Android application is not yet available but the School's librarian (who is a Mendeley Adviser) has applied to join the beta testing of the Android app.

Once you have installed Mendeley, you will then need to install the Web Importer and MS Word plugin. Mendeley is also compatible with LibreOffice and BibTex.

When the Word (or LibreOffice or BibTex) plugin is installed, you will then need to install the appropriate citation style - search for Adelaide Central School of Art.

Do attend one of the Mendeley training sessions run each year by the School's librarian. If you are not able to attend one of these sessions, there are introductory guides and videos for Mendeley at their Resources website.

Citation style

The School uses the citation style from the Oxford Art Journal, which is based on New Hart's Rules. The School's essay writing guide sets out our citation style in detail, however, if you use Mendeley, you can download the New Hart's Rules style. There are also two copies of New Hart's Rules in the High Demand section if you need more help.

Mendeley will automatically insert a bibliography for your, HOWEVER, you need to note the difference between a reference list and a bibliography. When you insert a bibliography from Mendeley, it generates a list of the references you have used. The School however requires a bibliography, not a reference list. A bibliography contains not only the references you cite in your assignment but also the sources you read in preparation for the assignment. If you store these in Mendeley, you can copy and paste from Mendeley into your assignment, along with the references you used.

Other reference management software

Mendeley is not the only reference management software available - you will often hear people speaking about RefWorks and EndNote, the two most commonly used in academia. However, these are subscription-only, usually paid for by the institution.

Other free packages include Zotero and CiteULike, but the School recommends Mendeley.