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This database for international architecture includes information over more than 71000 built and unrealized projects from various architects and planners.
The Image Library has a selection of images of architectural projects that you are free to use as you see fit. The Camera has some selections of the work of prominent architecture photographers.
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A photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage. Here you can view over 26,000 photos of 1,069 sites in twenty-one countries, with background information and virtual tours. This website is a collection of photos from many different contributors.

Casselman Archive of Islamic and Mudejar Architecture in Spain

Over four thousand color slides and black and white photographs of medieval Spain taken by the late Eugene Casselman (1912-1996) during his thirty years of travel throughout the Iberian peninsula. The images span over one thousand years of architectural history, from the seventh to the seventeenth century. The majority of the slides focus on the Mudejar style, an ornate court style largely inspired by Spanish Islamic architecture that was shared among Islamic, Jewish, and Christian cultures during the later Middle Ages in Spain.
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offers virtual access to a premier collection of historic depictions amassed by Rodolfo Lanciani (1845–1929). Archaeologist, professor of topography, and secretary of the Archaeological Commission, Lanciani was a pioneer in the systematic, modern study of the city of Rome.
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historic images of the medieval monuments and cities in the Kingdom of Sicily
RIBApix: RIBA’s image library of over 95,000 photographs and drawings from the RIBA Collections, available to view, buy and download.
Discover the diversity of civil, structural and bridge engineering – more than 70 000 structures with over 14 000 participating companies and their products as well as 10 000 engineers and architects, all of that illustrated with 245 000 images.