When searching for articles and/or journals (magazines), there are two ways to approach to this.
  1. You are searching for a particular topic, or
  2. You know which article and/or journal you want.

Searching for a topic

When searching for a topic, there are three ways to start:

Trove logo.JPG
Particularly good for Australian content
Google scholar.JPG
Searches academic websites and databases
Go directly to a relevant database (see below).

Using Trove or Google Scholar will generate a list of articles that you can then search the databases for. If the article is available on open access, you will be able to link to it directly from Trove and Google Scholar. If it isn't open access, then follow the guidelines below on searching for a specific article/journal.

For brief overviews of topics, try:

Oxford Art Online logo.JPG


vsi logo.jpg

The School subscribes to both Oxford Art Online and the Arts and Humanities section of Very Short Introductions - please ask the librarian for the login and password.

Searching for a specific article/journal

The School has subscriptions to ARTAND Australia, Art Collector, Art Monthly Australia, Artist Profile, and Eyeline. These journals are available for use in the library - please speak to the librarian for access.

If you know exactly which article/journal you want, then use Trove to identify the database the journal is located in, then refer to our database guide to identify the appropriate database and how you access it. Once you have located the journal, you can use the year, volume and issue to quickly locate the article you want.

Use our Journals A-Z page or the lists below to locate popular journals quickly.

Journals on open access

The following journals are all freely available to read online - simply on the links.

Architecture_MPS: Architecture_media_politics_society.is a research group and peer.reviewed academic journal. It is a forum for the analysis of architecture, landscape and urbanism in the mediated, politicised environment of contemporary culture and society. It sees the definition, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to those at the heart of other social, cultural and political discourses. The territory it seeks to explore is an overlaid terrain in which the physical, material and the environmental are critically examined through the prism of the cultural, the mediatic, the social and the political.

Artonview: Published by the National Gallery of Australia

Broadsheet: Published by the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

Contemporary Aesthetics: Contemporary Aesthetics (CA) is an international, interdisciplinary, peer- and blind-reviewed online journal of contemporary theory, research, and application in aesthetics.

craft + design enquiry: craft + design enquiry is an open access, peer-reviewed journal promoting and disseminating research excellence generated by and about the craft and design sector. craft + design enquiry investigates the contribution that contemporary craft and design makes to society, establishing a dialogue between craft and design practice and cultural, social and environmental concerns. It includes submissions from across the field of craft and design from artists and practitioners, curators, historians, art and cultural theorists, educationalists, museum professionals, philosophers, scientists and others with a stake in the future developments of craft and design.

EMAJ : Electronic Melbourne Art Journal: emaj (electronic Melbourne art journal) is the only online, refereed art history journal published in Australia. emaj aims to provide an international forum for the publication of original academic research in all areas and periods of art history. Topics covered include fine arts, architecture, curatorship, politics and aesthetics, visual culture, philosophy, historiography and museum studies. emaj welcomes monographic articles about specific artists or art collectives as well as thematic or theoretical analyses on aspects of art history.

Journal of Art Historiography: The Journal of Art Historiography exists to support and promote the study of the history and practice of art historical writing. The historiography of art has been strongly influenced by traditions inaugurated by Giorgio Vasari, Winckelmann and German academics of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Consequent to the expansion of universities, museums and galleries, the field has evolved to include areas outside of its traditional boundaries.

National Gallery Technical Bulletin: The National Gallery Technical Bulletin, first published in 1977, has achieved a leading position in the study of the materials and techniques of painting, and the scientific examination of paintings. Published annually, it is essential reading for conservators, conservation scientists, art historians, collectors and curators.

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide: Published by the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art

Philament: Published by the University of Sydney

Tate Papers: Published by the Tate Gallery

Visual Culture & Gender: Visual Culture and Gender (VCG) is an international, freely accessed online journal. The journal's purpose is to encourage and promote an understanding of how visual culture constructs gender in context with representations of race, age, sexuality, social units, (dis)ability, and social class and to promote international dialogue about visual culture and gender. VCG concerns the learning and teaching processes or practices used to expose culturally learned meanings and power relations that surround the creation, consumption, valuing, and dissemination of images, and involves issues of equity and social justice in the learning, teaching, and practice of art.

Journals available through the National Library of Australia

To access these journals, you will need to join the National Library of Australia. Once you have your membership card, go totheir e-resources page and search for the relevant database.

Art and AsiaPacific: Informit

The Art Bulletin: JSTOR and Academic Search Premier

Art History: Academic Search Premier

Art in America: Academic Search Premier (from 2002)

Art Monthly Australia: Informit

Artlink: Informit. Subscriptions and back issues available from the Artlink offices at the School (1st floor, T&S Building)

Grey Room: Academic Search Premier

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism: Academic Search Premier

Leonardo: Project Muse (from 2001), JSTOR (from 1958)

October: Academic Search Premier (from 1997), JSTOR (1976-2008)

Oxford Art Journal: JSTOR (1978-2006)

Third Text: Academic Search Premier (from 2001)

Visual Arts Research: JSTOR (1982-2010), Project Muse (from 2010)

Journals available via other methods

ARTAND Australia: Abstracts of articles can be found in Academic Search Premier (via the NLA). For full text, please speak to the School's Librarian.

Art Almanac: Full text only available in hard copy at the University of South Australia library.

Art Collector: Previously called Australian Art Collector. Available in hardcopy at the State Library of South Australia and Flinders University Library

Art Education: Only available in hard copy at the University of South Australia and Flinders University libraries

Art Journal: Selected content available at their website

Artist Profile: Selected content available at their website.

Artforum international: Some articles available on the journals' website. Other full text articles available in hardcopy at the State Library of South Australia, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia (offsite store so call and request in advance) and Flinders University libraries.

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art: Informit (from 2007-2010). Otherwise hard copy at the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University libraries.

Eyeline: Full text only available in hard copy at the University of South Australia library.

International Journal of Education Through Art: Abstracts available online at the journal's website. Full text only available in hard copy at the University of South Australia library.

Relevant databases

The National Library of Australia has over 600 databases available through its e-resources page. The following is a selection of the databases you are most likely to use:

JSTOR: British database covering primarily British and European material. Excellent historical coverage with some journals going back to 1834. A limited amount of free material is available to read if you register, otherwise full text is available via the e-resources page of the National Library of Australia.

Academic Search Premier: American database so mostly American content but it has increasing amounts of Australian content.

Project Muse: American database with a humanities/arts focus.

Informit: Australian database covering Australian and New Zealand content.

Australian and New Zealand Reference Centre: Australian and New Zealand newspaper database

For help using these databases, please go to the Databases page.

For help using e-resources via the National Library of Australia, view the video below: