Instead of searching for information, let the information come to you. This will become increasingly important as you go on in your career. So how do you get the information to come to you?

Professional associations

Start with relevant professional associations and organisations - think NAVA and ArtsHub but also arts festivals, galleries, etc. When you join a professional association, you will receive newsletters and emails. You may even be able to receive these without a membership. Sign up for e-newsletters from other organisations.

Journal alerts

Journals and magazines send out journal alerts and newsletters to subscribers but also interested individuals. These will include tables of content so you can see if there's anything of interest. Even when you have to access the journal via a database such as JSTOR, you can receive these emails.

Email lists

There are often official and unofficial email lists that you can join on topics of interest - networking will help you discover these.

Google alerts

If you do a search on Google News or Google Videos, scroll to the end of the page and you will find an option to sign up for an alert service. Thereafter, Google will send you a daily email if anything on that topic is published in the news.

Social media

Most organisations have a social media presence and this is a great way to get information sent to you. If an organisation uses several social media platforms, check which one has the most activity and follow that - otherwise, choose the one you feel comfortable with.